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 At the initial evaluation session, the following will take place: 

Screening assessment(s)
Client information is collected 
Exploration of the client's goals
Development of treatment goals for the client (if the client agrees to participate in treatment at TICC)
Schedule follow-up therapy sessions

PLEASE NOTE: Initial psychosocial assessment sessions for adults and children are 60 minutes.  For family and/or marital/couples initial psychosocial assessment sessions are 120 minutes. 

The successfulness of therapy tends to depend on the client's investment in the process. In essence, a counselor cannot work harder than the client they are serving. It is important that upon beginning therapy, you are ready, willing, and open to the process and doing the work that is needed to overcome the challenges in which you feel are adversely impacting your quality of life. Therapy is a journey that cannot be completed in one day, one week, or even one month. The frequency of sessions is often based on that client's individual needs.
The Therapeutic Process

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