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Sex Therapy

trauma-informed & integrative


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"Sexual concerns are very common, and can take a toll on your sex life, relationships, and well-being. In fact, 43% of women and 31% of men report at least one type of sexual difficulty. These concerns can affect people of any age or gender, including teens and young adults"

(National Coalition for Sexual Health).

Holding Hands

TICC provides sex therapy services that are

  • Specialized and Certification-based

  • Trauma-informed, culturally responsive, affirming of gender and sexual minorities, and poly-positive.

  • For anyone, whether single, partnered in a relationship, or married

  • Saturday Appointments

"A good sex life

starts with understanding

& exploring

your own body,

what arouses you,

& what gives you pleasure,"

(Guiterman & Gilbert, 2021).

Sex therapy can help both individuals and couples:

  • gain a realistic understanding of sex and pleasure

  • identify and address underlying causes of sexual issues

  • grow and maintain a deeper sexual connection with themselves and their partners (Akers, 2022, MedicalNewsToday).

What to Know...

What is sex therapy?

Sex therapy for individuals and/or couples is designed to address and explore a wide range of matters related to sex that include but is not limited to sexual orientation, gender identity, desire, arousal, and sexual functionality. These are some of the most common reasons individuals and/or couples seek out a therapist who specializes in sexual matters. Specifically, Dr. Downey has been trained and certified as an integrative sex and couple therapist. Dr. Downey takes a multidimensional, culturally responsive, gender and sexually allied approach to sex therapy.


Who does it benefit?

Anyone can benefit from sex therapy. Sex therapy does not marginalize, discriminate, or limit an individual. Many clinical sex therapy approaches are designed to be expansive and inclusive, allowing an individual or individuals to explore, make meaning, and grow from within depending on the goal for therapy.

Do I have to be in a relationship to benefit from sex therapy?

Sex therapy can be for both individuals and various types of relationships.

How are the sessions outlined?

Depending upon who is seeking sex therapy services, at the intake, they and Dr. Downey will determine goals for treatment. Additionally, various intake assessments will also be conducted to help determine what area(s) of sexuality will be explored. This individualized approach allows for sessions to be focused on what is important to the client.

How many sessions do I have to take part in?

Because of the individualized approach, the number of sessions is determined upon the Dr. Downey has personally developed and cultivated three sex therapy methods that can be utilized depending on the primary goals for sex therapy. Each sex therapy method will include worksheets, journal prompts, and scheduled homework assignments. That said, every individual seeking to take part in sex therapy with Dr. Downey must be committed to the process and have an open mind to engaging in self-reflection and self-discovery.

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