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Ariel Houston, LPCA


Lexington-Millpond; Telehealth

I was born in Lexington, Kentucky, and raised in the vibrant backdrop of New York City, bringing a unique perspective to my role as an LPCA. I hold an M.A. in Psychology and an M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Kentucky. I specialize in helping individuals and families cope with various challenges, including depression, anxiety, grief, substance abuse, self-esteem, trauma, and more. Through the process of talk therapy, I guide clients in exploring their underlying beliefs, employing an integrated approach of CBT and DBT, with a specialized focus on trauma and PTSD. I am particularly dedicated to helping families and individuals who have grown up in dysfunctional homes, offering guidance and tools to navigate the unique complexities of their upbringing. My experience spans across diverse populations, including older adolescents and adults struggling with substance abuse and mental health concerns. I collaboratively work with clients to enhance their coping abilities and nurture their recovery journey. Together, my clients and I embark on a voyage of goal setting and progress, using a strength-based approach rooted in compassion and empowerment.

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