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Identifying & Treating Trauma in the Classroom


Program Content - Participants of this presentation will learn about the brain and the neurological factors of trauma that can impact a student's ability to learn in the classroom. - Participants of this presentation will also learn about various tools they can employ in their classroom to help address the neurological and socioemotional factors that can impact a student while in the classroom. - Participants of this presentation will learn how engaging and tending to a students emotional learning skills can improve their general education skills in the classroom. Delivery Strategies The presenter will utilize powerpoint slides, personally developed videos, case examples, and mini quizzes during the presentation to engage the participants and increase their ability to learn and understand the materials that are being presented to them. Additionally, a pre and post test will be administered. Following the completion of the online training, post-tests are to be emailed to the presenter and these tests will be graded and upon successful completion of the posttest, participants will receive a certificate of completion for their EILA credits. Intended Audience - Superintendent - Principal - Director of Special Education - School Counselor - Supervisor of Instruction - Educators & Para-Educators Identify Standards Addressed in Program Content - Standard 2: Governance & Leadership - Standard 3: Teaching & Assessing for Learning - Standard 4: Resources & Support System





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